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Caring Beyond Boundaries: Nurturing Health, Fostering Comfort at Kaseh Care.

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Our in-home care services cater to seniors, individuals with disabilities, those dealing with illness, or recuperating from injury or surgery. Our team comprises healthcare advocates and seasoned caregivers who intimately comprehend the challenges inherent in both giving and receiving care. We firmly believe that everyone should be able to preserve their independence and quality of life within the comforting confines of their own home.

Word from our Founder

I envisioned a compassionate haven for health. 

We’re dedicated to nurturing well-being, providing personalized care that transcends expectations. Welcome to Kaseh Care.

Founded with passion, we embrace well-being through compassionate care for hearts and homes.

Jasmine - Founder


At Kaseh Care, we prioritize an inclusive approach, tailoring support for all care needs regardless age and sex.


Promoting accountability and ethical care practices for a socially responsible Kaseh Care experience.


Kaseh Care embodies a culture of respect, valuing dignity and understanding in every interaction.


At Kaseh Care, we foster collaboration, working together for comprehensive and effective support in every aspect of care.

We envision a future where every individual experiences holistic well-being, receiving compassionate and personalized home nursing support for a fulfilling and dignified life.
We want to provide compassionate, personalized home nursing services, fostering well-being, and enriching lives with dignity and respect.
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